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Welcome to Frame a Patent

At Frame a Patent, we sell high quality Patent Print and Patent Poster reproductions of the most popular United States Patents for your Home or Office. We have thousands of Patents in our inventory to choose from and we can even custom print any Patent number you want for your Poster. We only use premium acid-free papers, solid real wood Frames and products made in the USA. Patent Art is a perfect Birthday Gift, Graduation Gift, or Gift idea for any time of the year! Patent Posters are great gift ideas for any inventor, professional, hobbyist, or collector!

What is a Patent Print?

Patent print art, also known as patent artwork or patent illustrations, refers to artistic representations of patents or patent drawings. It involves taking the original technical drawings submitted with a patent application and transforming them into visually appealing prints or artwork.

As a distinctive home decor item, office accent, or present for creators, engineers, scientists, or fans, patent print art has grown in appeal. It combines elements of history, technology, and design, celebrating human ingenuity and the progress of innovation.

Printed on High Quality Acid-free heavyweight Matte Papers

17 Heavy-weight paper selections available for your Prints. See all available colors here.

Turn your Patent Print into a piece of Framed Artwork!

We carry 14 different high quality Wood Frames to choose from in the 9 most popular sizes of Frames.
Framed Toilet Paper Patent Print
Framed Baseball Patent Print
Framed Colt 1911 Patent Print
Framed Bicycle Patent Print
Framed Beer Patent Print
Framed Lego Patent Print
Framed Monopoly Patent Print
Framed Mickey Mouse Patent Print
Framed Golf Patent Print
Framed Customer Patent Print

Add a Double Mat to your Framed Patent Print to make your Artwork pop!

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